General Rules

Who attends our festival, agrees with the festival rules and takes into account the following matters

Persons under 14 years old free entrance when accompanied by an adult.

No beer under the 16 years. Liquor and cocktails you must be at least 18 years. Want to buy a younger alcohol, he or she must be able to prove that they are 16 or 18 years.

No pets allowed.

Bringing alcoholic drinks, glass, plastic bottles, cans, weapons or sharp objects onto the festival site is prohibited. Also, for reasons of safety, you may not bring seating, folding chairs or similar with you. If you do they may be confiscated by security. Starting fires is strictly prohibited.

Entering the festival site implies your agreement with all preventive and monitoring measures taken by the organizer or safety team including potential frisking and bag searches. Failing to comply with these measures will lead to refusal or withdrawal of the right of access.

The artists and organizers of the festival cannot be held liable for damages, loss or theft or any accident that may occur.

The organizer and/or official ticket distributor also reserves the right to cancel festival tickets as soon as it is ascertained that, despite this ban, festival tickets are offered for sale. The costs arising from cancellation will be charged to the buyer.

Changes to the programmed are no reason for a full or partial refund of the festival ticket. The organizer accepts no responsibility in the case of events beyond its control.

Anyone copying the festival ticket will be prosecuted by law.

TV recordings will take place during the festival. There is a possibility that you will be filmed.

The organizer and/or official ticket distributor reserves the right to verify the identity of the festivalgoer.

The festival rules also apply to car parks.


Rock O Clock Team

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